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R&B/ Pop Artist

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Amè (Amè.musicofficial) is a sultry R&B/pop artist originally from Central

Pennsylvania. She was adopted at two weeks old from Philadelphia and grew up in a small

town called Lock Haven, which was about 45 minutes from Penn State University. Her parents

are both pastors, and she was one of the few Black kids in her area. Amè had a love for music

from an early age and grew up singing in the church. She also developed a passion for musical

theatre and spent her summers participating in shows at a local professional summer stock

theater. In college, she attended Temple University and majored in Theatre with a concentration

in acting.

During her college years, Amè gained the nickname "Meals on Wheels" because she would ride

around campus on rollerblades or her bike, always eating. She has a fear of cats and prefers to

avoid them altogether. English and music were her favorite subjects in school, and she often got

in trouble for talking too much in class. Amè had a well-rounded upbringing, participating in

activities such as theatre, soccer, basketball, and dance. Her love for music and theater led her

to spend a significant amount of time in the music and theatre classrooms, even leaving her

academic classes early.

Meeting people who connect with her music has been one of Amè's most rewarding

experiences. Playing at Pride events in San Diego, New York City, and Jersey City has been

particularly enjoyable for her. Whenever she feels stressed or anxious, she finds solace in

music, as singing has always been her grounding force. Beyoncé has been a significant

influence on Amè's career, and she considers her a role model. Although her parents were strict

about the music she listened to, Beyoncé was always allowed in their house. Kehlani, Lizzo,

and Rihanna are artists whose vibes can be heard in Amè's music.

Amè discovered her birth last name, Ginyard, through an accidental oversight in the adoption

agency's paperwork. This allowed her to search for and connect with her birth family through

social media. She eventually found someone who resembled her and messaged them, leading

to contact with a cousin from Connecticut who confirmed the story. Amè's parents are incredibly

supportive of her career and goals. She has a close relationship with her mom and talks to her

for hours on FaceTime. As an adopted individual, Amè has a birth sister whom she met a few

years ago, as well as two older brothers and two older sisters.

In terms of her music career, Amè has performed at various venues and festivals, including

SOBS, Pianos, Sofar Sounds, Rockwood Music Hall, The Meadows, Chelsea Music Hall, and

Brooklyn Music Kitchen. Notable events she has played at include the San Diego Pride Festival

opening for Snow Tha Product, the New York City Pride parade, the Jersey City Pride Festival

opening for Alek Sandar, the Taste of Soul Music Festival in Atlanta (with another performance

scheduled in September), and the Traffic Jam Music Festival in Coney Island in August.

Happiness, for Amè, is being able to pursue her passion while surrounded by loved ones. She is

proud of herself for making music and finding healing through it. Despite the challenges of

sharing her private thoughts through her music, seeing others connect with her songs and

feeling at home on stage fills her with pride.

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