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About Me

Amè is a dynamic R&B/Pop artist  and multifaceted content creator. Beyond the stage, she crafst engaging content that resonates across platforms, showcasing a unique blend of musical artistry and creative expression. Her  content isn't just about songs; it's a visual journey created to resonate with diverse audiences. Each piece tells a story, inviting listeners into her world of passion, creativity, and authentic lifestyle

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“ Amè's delectable new single is all the upbeat and uncomplicated freshness we see less and less in pop music nowadays. Her sound is not the dark and nearly monolithic avant-garde beat brutalism we're getting used to in the scene nowadays, but neither is she some pop reactionary or a dream divergent, her style is more like an earnest evolution of pop incorporating a bit of the edge of modern production trends -very subtle elements of R&B here, a few inklings of trap there.” - Samuel Aponte

— Rival Magazine

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